Q: Why does Online-Universe.net.net have to cost money at all?
A: X2OL.net provides you a "persistent universe". The game is running around the clock and even while you are offline, all your property is stored and continues to exist. The longer this game will be running the more does it cost us. As you can see a one time payment could hardly be fair. Besides we plan to continue the development of X2OL.net.net for a very long period of time. This continues development, the administration and the online connection all cost money.

Q: Will I have an alternative to paying a monthly fee?
A: After X2OL.net is launched officially, the first option will very likely be to pay a monthly (or quarterly) fee which will still have to be set. Later there might be alternative payment methods.

Q: Will I have to buy the game in a shop? Is there a CD?
A: There may be a CD version of Online-Universe.net.net sold through normal retail stores, but that will not be required for playing Online-Universe.net. The CD will contain some additional (e.g printed) material but all client software can be downloaded online. Such a "boxed" version will probably contain a certain "free" online time.

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